URGENT Action Required

August 11, 2021

URGENT Action Required To ensure the viability of b4brathay Project we urgently need every potential subscriber in the area to have registered their possible interest directly with B4RN here: b4rn.org.uk/sll.

This doesn’t commit you to anything at this point but needs to be done as as soon as possible and certainly by the DCMS decision point in September otherwise this area will lose out.

It is crucial to the future of the project that every individual property that thinks they even may want to take service has registered their interest.

So all of us should do one or more things NOW:

1 We know that several people who have expressed an interest through other routes are not on B4RN’s “official” list. We are contacting separately those people who we know are in this category and directing them to b4rn.org.uk/sll. 2 If you own multiple properties or locations where you think you may wish to receive service then please register each one separately at b4rn.org.uk/sll as it is the property count that matters. 3 If you have neighbours or adjacent holiday cottage owners, then please sure they are aware of the scheme and encourage them to register an interest for their property by pointing them to b4rn.org.uk/sll.

Background B4RN have now shared with us costed plans and the community investment targets to be met for the b4brathay Project to be realised. More pressingly B4RN have also stressed that we need to improve our “Expressions of Interest” if they are to make a convincing case to the DCMS that the b4brathay Project has wide support. We understand that the Gigabit Voucher scheme discussions with DCMS are due in September.

We had thought we were doing pretty well with getting people to sign-up to the Broadbroad Upgrade Fund (BUF) website in advance of the deadline at the end of October 2020 and then express a preference for a supplier by mid-January 2021. But it appears that when B4RN (as our preferred supplier) downloaded the contact information the number of records was substantially less than we would have expected.

So during August we are going to focus on improving our collective response to the B4RN’s Skelwith and Little Langdale Expression of Interest Survey. Our thanks to those of you who have already completed the survey and our apologies to those who have already entered much of this information once before on the BUF website.

If you want to double check and confirm that you are registered, need help registering, or have any questions, then please feel free to email or call one of us and we will happily make sure that your interest is counted.

Paul: Area around Skelwith Bridge, Chris: Area around Little Langdale, Rob: Skelwith Fold and areas to East and South,

Best wishes,

Paul, Chris and Rob